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In collaboration with latin american SONÁMBULA CINE,  IFEMA 2021 proudly presents the art exhibition FEMALE FOCUS at cinema Panora.  The vernissage will be in held in conjunction with the opening of IFEMA at Panora on the 14th of April 18.00. The exhibition is open until the 16th of May during the opening hours of Panora.

Female Focus is a group exhibition that combines artists and visions from several Latin American countries and uses photography to express different perspectives, question hegemonic viewpoints but also to propose new approaches to portraying and materializing images.

What does the feminine look at and how does it look at it? What constitutes the female gaze?

We have challenged ourselves to propose answers (“answers” in plural, because there is not a single or definite one). Our questions transformed into riddles about how the materiality expressed through textures, lights and shadows display new spaces in the portrayed female bodies, about how shapes and tactile sense emerge. We have analysed representations and actions that have been associated with female bodies, but we have also explored themes, tools and photographic techniques as acts of resistance against the limitations that women have been subjected to throughout history. This can be seen in the display of the interior and the exterior, the private and the public, illuminating the intimate persona that ceases to exist when the viewer observes the image. In this fabric of combined perceptions corporality emerges as central to showing the relationships to the environment and our cultural heritage.

– Sara and Hannah

SONÁMBULA CINE is Sara Álvarez and Hannah Ciro. They work with film both in Colombia and Argentina. They are the curatorial team of the art exhibition of IFEMA 2021 with the following artists:
Sara Jurado (Colombia), Ana Maria Pizarro (Colombia), Daniela Gómez Betancur (Colombia), Violeta Bastías (Argentina), Facundo Gelli (Argentina), Liz Tasa (Peru), Gihan Tubbeh (Peru) and Catharina Suleiman (Brazil).