IFEMA Audience Award 2019

Årets vinnare av IFEMA Audience Award 2019 är det obönhörligt starka vittnesmålet A THOUSAND GIRLS LIKE ME – ett vansinnigt viktigt #metoo-upprop från Afghanistan.

I am a young Afghan woman living in Kabul. I am part of a society that has the highest rates of domestic violence and gender inequality in the world. I can see it. I can feel it. And I have access to it in ways others don’t. Afghanistan is one of the most corrupt countries in the world. Getting justice for a victim of rape, or incest, is almost impossible. Some cases are highlighted in the media, but many remain unknown. My film wants to highlight the necessity for making ‘unknown’ cases known and confirm our need to fight against social ills and injustice against women. We want to give voice to all victims of rape and incest in the world, especially in a society like Afghanistan, and we want to stop violence against women. What’s important to me is not to focus on the suffering but to focus even more on how that suffering is a rallying cry for change. How we as women are fighting for change whenever we live. – Sahra Mani

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