Kortfilmspaket 2: Shorts & fika

Mingla, tänk på eller prata om filmerna och fika lite med oss efter visningen!

Director: Aleksandra Terpinska Country: Poland
Original title: Ameryka Language: Polish
Subtitles: English Year: 2016 Runtime: 30 min
Once upon a time in America… Two friends
– Anka and Dzastina – dream of a better life.
When they decide to hitch-hike, an innocent
adventure irreversibly changes their mutual

Director: Jacqueline Lentzou Country: Greece
Original title: Alepou Language: Greek
Subtitles: English Year: 2016 Runtime: 29 min
When Stephano’s mother is out he is left
alone to take care of his two younger siblings
and their dog. A day of summery laziness
among pizza boxes and adolescent flirt turns
out to be the last carefree day of their lives.

Director: Maaria Sayed Country: India
Original title: Chudala Language: Hindi, Urdu
Subtitles: English Year: 2016 Runtime: 14 min
In Indian mythological, Chudala needed to be
seen as a man to be heard by her husband.
When Rukhsana returns to his father’s house
as Rehan, he is haunted by the memories of
his life as a woman.

Director: Sandra Isacsson, Stina Persson Helleday
Country: Sweden English title: Males Language:
Swedish Subtitles: English Year: 2016 Runtime: 6 min
Anton is at the emergency room. He tells a
nurse the heroic story of him saving a girl
from getting raped in the park, she praise
his courage. When the doctor arrives, she
doesn’t take Anton or his story seriously.

Director: Bego Vicario Country: Spain Original
title: Jane, Tarzan ez zen horren guay Language: No
dialogue Subtitles: None Year: 2016 Runtime: 3 min
Taken the famous scene of the film Tarzan
and His Mate (Cedric Gibbons,1934) where
Tarzan and Jane swim together, we reinterpret
its movements, rhythms and color to talk
about a new paradigm.

Director: Manuela Martelli, Amirah Tajdin
Country: Chile, France, Kenya
Original title: Marea de Tierra Language: Spanish
Subtitles: English Year: 2015 Runtime: 13 min
Laura, a heartbroken teenager from Santiago
is on holiday with her friends in the southern
Chilean archipelago of Chiloé. As she wanders
the lonely island seascapes, she meets a group
of local women collecting seaweed.

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