Director: Lila Avilés Country: Mexico Year: 2018 Runtime: 102 minutes Language: Spanish Subtitles: English Genre: Drama

In the dizzyingly chic hallways of Mexico City’s Hotel Presidente
Internacional, young chambermaid Eve toils through monotonously
long workdays. Faced with endless empty rooms, she takes comfort
in rare meaningful connections; a left-behind red dress, a guest that
needs help, a burgeoning sexual encounter, a possible promotion. In
these glimmers of kindness and hope, Eve holds on to her dreams of
a better life, for herself and her son.

The feature debut of Mexican director-actress-dramatist Lila
Avilés, THE CHAMBERMAID is a stunning achievement in nearvérité filmmaking. Stemming from Avilés own friendships with hotel workers, the film magnifies the struggles of the disenfranchised through the naturalism and deep pathos of lead actress Gabriela Cartol. With wry humour, it masterfully moulds a strikingly affecting portrait of womanhood and the humanity of often-invisible heroes.

Original title: La camarista Screenplay: Lila Avilés, Juan Carlos Marquéz

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