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All festival screenings and ticket sale  will be held at cinema Panora, Friisgatan 19 D Malmö, Tel: 040-611 27 07,

Membership is obligatory and can be bought att IFEMA’s info desk during the festival. The membership is valid under 2023. As a member, you get:

  • Discount on the prices for tickets to the festival films.
  • Free entrance to the Short films programme SHORTS & CHAMPAGNE (50 kr without membership)
  • Access to two festivals during 2023: IFEMA in the spring and LATINAMERIKA I FOKUS in the autumn.
  • Access to the organisation’s events throughout the year, such as film screenings with seminars, study circles, and meeting places.

Do you want to try out IFEMA and watch one film?

With a Prova- på-biljett, you can buy a ticket to a single screening. The price includes a temporary membership, which you must have to watch the films in the festival.

You can buy tickets to all the films at the ticket box of Panora, or at their website, but the membership should be bought at IFEMA’s information table. Come with good time!

  • Membership for year 2023: 50 kr
  • Member’s price for tickets: 80 kr
  • Prova-på-biljett: 130 kr
  • Ticket for Shorts & Champagne without membership: 50kr

Panora’s ticket box opens 30 min. before the day’s first screening and closes when the last film of the day has started.

Imagenes del Sur/Bilder från Söder


Elin Kamlert, Lena Samani, Marie Hersvall
Formgivning program: Helena Alvesalo
Tryckeri: Exakta

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