Art exhibition: SIGNAL

This year IFEMA cooperates with SIGNAL CENTER FÖR SAMTIDSKONST on Monbijougatan, always exhibiting topical and affecting art.

On Saturday, February 12, between 12 and 13 the gallery is opening up for a special exhibition of Battling with Malevolent Forces for IFEMA´s audience. The exhibition centers on predation and exploitation of land that capitalistic forces in different ways exert on our planet and the consequences for all of us.

We will catch a glimpse of the huge project of Alice Creischer (Germany), Stomach of the Predators  through a film and related sculptural work but we will also face a couple of sculptures by Iza Tarasewicz (Poland) which in different ways refer to the subject.

The hat speaks, the rake speaks
the scythe murmurs
to the ear in the grass:
8 760 hours has the year.
1 200 hours consumes a job.
40 years of work
with 80 years life expectancy
are 48 000 hours.
But life has
700 800 hours
in Germany.
In Germany
the share of working time
of life is
only 7 percent.

© Alice Creischer, In the Stomach of the Predators, 2012-2014

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