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Director: Tuva Novotny Country: Norway Year: 2018 Runtime: 102 minutes Language: Norwegian Subtitles: English Genre: Drama

The 13th edition of IFEMA kicks off with the feature film debut
from one of the most beloved stars among our nordic actors. Tuva
Novotny’s first feature BLIND SPOT is a deeply heartrending story
of a mother’s struggle to understand the capacity of her teenage
daughter’s mental illness.
With extreme sensitivity the film explores the grey zones, or blind
spots, in mental illness that are hard to discover as a parent or society, while simultaneously problematizing present day ideals that seem only to be built around happiness and success. How do we open up about difficult thoughts and problems, when perfection is the only thing one is expected to project to the outside world?

Original title: Blindsone Screenplay: Tuva Novotny

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