Color of the Ocean

Color of the Ocean, IFEMA 2015

Monday 13th of April, 17.00-18.40, Kävlinge bibliotek, Bassängen
Thursday 16th of April, 13.00-15.00, Spegeln, Malmö (only for schools)
Friday 17th of April,13.00-15.00, Kino, Lund (only for schools)
Saturday 18th of April, 11.00-12.40, Dalby bibliotek
Sunday 19th of April, 15.00-16.40, Arlövs bibliotek
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An African refugee boat is stranded in the middle of the Spanish holiday paradise Gran Canaria. José, a border cop, has become callous and cynical. As border patrolman, he has to decide the fate of hundreds of African boat people that wash ashore on the Spanish island paradise. German tourist Nathalie witnesses the arrival of a boatload of refugees and starts helping out on the spot. The lives of José, Nathalie and Congolese Zola, one of the few survivors with his son Mamadou, become fatefully intertwined.

Color of the Ocean is a gripping film about humanity and responsibility with the essential focus of the human dilemma of when to get involved or not. A film that stays in your mind for a long time after leaving the cinema.

Director: Maggie Peren, Germany, 2011
Genre: Drama
Running time: 95 min
Speech: Spanish, German, French
Subtitels: English
Age limit: 15 years
Original titel: Die Farbe des Ozeans
Distributor: Global Screen, Tyskland

Maggie Peren

About the director
Maggie Peren, born in Heidelberg, Germany 1974. Director, writer, actress. Color of the Ocean is her second feature film.

Awards and Festivals – Color of the Ocean
– Festival Nouvo Cinema Europa, Genua 2012, Italy, AUDIENCE AWARD “Premio Publico” and JURY AWARD “Premio della Giuria”
– RO-IFF Bucharest 2012, Romania, BEST DIRECTOR AWARD in section “Women in Cinema”
– Denver IFF 2012
– Kolkata IFF 2012
– Toronto IFF 2011, The international premiere
– Sevilla IFF 2011
– Rio de Janeiro IFF 2011

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