Director: Nadejda Koseva Country: Bulgaria Year: 2018 Runtime: 96 minutes Language: Bulgarian Subtitles: English Genre: Drama

Irina is a part-time waitress in a small Bulgarian town where she
is reduced to stealing scraps of leftover meat to feed her layabout
husband, their young son, and her sister. On the very same day when
she is fired, her husband gets into a serious accident. Irina’s family
is trapped in poverty. To make ends meet, she becomes a surrogate
mother. Fights, despair and the seed of life growing in her belly bring
on another wave to this rough and wrecked life. Slowly, Irina discovers what it means to love and to forgive.

Through a series of very well-handled parallels and mirrored
effects, Koseva portrays a patchwork of systemic fractures and social conflict that she viscerally and universally circulates in her exploration of Irina’s thwarted maternal feelings and her slow, single-winter journey to the other side, towards a glimmer of reconciliation.

Original title: Irina Screenplay: Nadejda Koseva, Svetoslav Ovtcharov, Bojan Vuletic

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