IFEMA + Doc Lounge
BABEL 4 APRIL 19.00 (doors open at 18.00)

Director: Maite Alberdi Country: Chile, The Netherlands, France Year: 2016 Runtime: 82 minutes Language: Spanish Subtitles: English Genre: Documentary

Anita, Rita, Ricardo and Andrés have been attending a school for
children with Down syndrome for 40 years. After all this time, they are starting to tire of this safe, familiar environment. Now over 45 years old, some of them feel that working in the school bakery is no longer a challenge. They also yearn for freedom on a more personal level.

Anita and Andrés are in love but still live with their families. They
dream of finding a quiet place to be alone together, and they want
to get married and raise a family. Sadly, the society they live in is not
equipped to cater to their desire for more independence.
Director Maite Alberdi draws us into the microcosmos of these
four “young adults” through her intimate observation, free from
commentary. A moving – and at times confrontational – portrait
made with great compassion and a sharp eye for composition.

The screening is presented in collaboration with Doc Lounge Malmö. You can buy tickets via Kulturcentralen or at the door at Babel from 18.00 the day of the screening.
TICKETS: 80 sek (60 sek students/seniors) or DOC LOUNGE GULDKORT (350 sek) gives you free entrance on all of Doc Lounge Malmö’s regular screenings this season.
IFEMA festivalpass will also give you free entrance, as far as space allows. 

Original title: Los niños Producer: Maite Alberdi, Denis Vaslin Sales: CAT&Docs


Maite Alberdi (Chile) is an award-winning director
and writer She studied audiovisual communication
at the Catholic University of Chile. She teaches
documentary filmmaking at different universities
in Santiago, Chile and is co-author of the book
Teorias del Cine Documental Chileno 1957–1973
(Chilean Documentary Film Theories 1957–1973).

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