Shorts & Champagne

Short film programme!
Saturday 18th of April, 17.00-18.15, Panora in Malmö
Age limit: 15 years
Tickets: Kulturcentralen – Shorts & Champagne

Torkat Blomster, IFEMA 2015

Seven kinds of Flowers – World premiere!
Small feet tiptoe in the grass in the Småland summer night. They will do anything not to be heard. No one will ever know. This will always be their secret – the children’s and the father’s. The film is based on a true story about two children who were not allowed to meet their father.
Director: Caroline Eriksson, Sweden, 2014, Drama, 9 min, swedish speech, english subtitles. Read more ->

Horizon, IFEMA 2015

A story of a young, ambitious mother who takes advantage of a series of events, which become instrumental in her pursuit of human dignity. The film takes us on an emotional journey through the eyes of a mother, wife, and homemaker, Faten, who is trying to save her children from a future similar to her and her husband’s.
Director: Zain Duraie, Jordan, 2013, Drama, 18 min, Arabic speech, English subtitles. Read more ->

The Dive, IFEMA 2015

The Dive – Swedish premiere!
Having just turned thirteen, Leo sets himself a personal challenge and decides to jump off the highest diving board. As he waits his turn amongst adults, he looks back on the childhood he is leaving behind and his dive takes on a deeper meaning.
Director: Delphine Le Courtois, France, 2013, Drama, 10 min, French speech, English subtitles. Read more ->

Meet my rapist, IFEMA 2015

Meet my rapist!
When Jessie runs into her rapist at the farmer market, all gets real again. It it becomes a highly undesirable reunion, and includes dinner with the parents and couples therapy, as Jessie is forced to confront the effect he’s had on her life. With dark humour, Meet my Rapist is a exploration in how we make meaning out of the madness in life. The film is based on a self-experienced trauma.
Director: Jessie Kahnweiler, USA, 2013, Comedy, 8 min, English speech. Read more ->

Stoerre Vaerie, IFEMA 2015

Stoerre Vaerie
Under pressure from her son Elle, 80, returns to Lapland, and her childhood Sápmi, for her sister’s funeral. A long time ago Elle chose to cut all ties and become Swedish but now she gets one last chance and forced to choose again; to sustain her life lie and her new life as Swedish or surrender and return to the family.
Director: Amanda Kernell, Sweden, 2015, Drama, 16 min, Swedish and Sami speech, English subtitles. Read more ->

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